Granite Countertop Cutting and Modification Services in Columbia SC

Our many years of fabricating granite, quartz and marble allow us to cut your existing countertops in your home to fit a new stove, cooktop, refrigerator or for any other reason that you need to have your solid surface countertops cut. 

We use two high powered vacuums while cutting to ensure that the dust that is made while cutting the countertops is kept to a minimum. Contact us or Call for a free estimate for having your countertops modified to meet your current needs.


countertop cutting services with minimal dust in Columbia, SC
countertop granite cutting and modification services

Looking for an in-home granite cutting service?

If you need to modify or repurpose your existing granite countertops, you landed on the right page. Carolina Custom Granite provides professional mobile granite cutting services that are done in your home or business usually within a day or two from the time you contact us.

Give us a call at 803-776-5454 today to get a FREE quote and don’t worry - we keep the dust to a minimum.

Can Granite Countertops be modified?

After more than 20 years in the countertop industry, we’ve come across many people asking if their granite countertop can be cut or modified to fit their new stove, cooktop, fridge or even a new sink. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. This can be done with the help of Carolina Custom Granite of course! We can modify your granite, quartz or engineered stone countertops, and the best part about this type of project is that we can do this right in the convenience of your home or business!

So having a granite countertop doesn’t have to limit your options when you are looking to make changes and upgrades to an area. The stone countertop can be cut and modified as part of your new construction or kitchen remodel in order to fit your new appliances. For your peace of mind, make sure to hire the right pro for the job. This way, your countertop will be cut to the correct specifications and you’ll avoid potential costly mishaps.

Why choose Carolina Custom Granite?

  • Minimal dust and disruption. We use three high-powered vacuums to keep the silica dust to a minimum, and leave your kitchen as clean as we found it.
  • We get it right the first time. Backed by over 20 years of experience working with granite and all other types of stone, we take pride in the quality of our finished product and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We bring convenience to you. As a local on-site granite stone-cutter, we make the modifications on site to guarantee a perfect fit with your new sink or appliances. This also saves you transport costs and associated risks.

Why choose granite countertops?

Everyone is looking to install granite in their homes, but why is it so popular? The real question, however, is what’s not to love about granite?

Granite – It’s no doubt that one of the most popular kitchen surfaces on the market is also one that is durable, long lasting, and practically maintenance-free. In addition, granite countertops are known to add a touch of sophistication to any area.

Unlike most other countertop surfaces, granite is natural, extremely durable, and gives a timeless appeal in modern home designs. It instantly increases the value of your home and is unmatched in style and design.

What’s more, granite is stain, etch and heat resistant and it makes it that much easier to keep a clean, sterile kitchen. With the right countertop cutting and trimming services, you can customize your countertops in your own style.

About us

Welcome to Carolina Custom Granite, the leading on-site granite cutting professionals proudly serving Columbia and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in the quality of our finished product, our craftsmanship and the convenience that we bring to our customers. Our many years of experience in the granite fabrication and installation business allows us to walk you through the entire process from picking out the right granite color to installing that granite in your home or business.

For over 20 years, we have been fabricating and installing granite, quartz, and marble countertops to meet the personalized preferences of our customers. We’ll customize countertops for your new stove, cooktop, refrigerator or sink to meet your current needs.

Our range of granite cutting services

At Carolina Custom granite, we provide the full range of services from:

  • Granite countertop cutting and modification.
  • Natural stone sales and installation
  • Countertop removal
  • Natural stone sealing

How to reach us

Call us today at 803-776-5454 for a free quote